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texas medical defense consulting services

Victoria Soto, JD is a consultant to many practices, medical centers, surgical centers, and hospital systems regarding protecting their physicians' practice environment and relationship between administration and specialties and improving their polices and procedures.

She is also a Lecturer / Speaker for the healthcare industry (CME) providing but not limited to the following:

  • Risk management and Human Relations training. Specifically, she trains health care professionals by going into their respective hospitals to train them on hospital relations by getting along with and working hand in hand with hospital administration, other specialist, support staff and more importantly patient/healthcare provider relationships.
  • Keynote Speaker at Hospital Conferences on relationships between hospitals and healthcare professionals, Hospital/Clinic/Surgery Centers Executive administrators, MEC, Peer Committees, doctors, nurses, support staff and patient and patient family relations.
  • Leadership Skills lecture to hospital/clinic/surgery/Centers Administration, Chief Executive Staff, Physicians and Nurses and all specialties.

Risk Management:

  • Medical staff disputes and practice contract agreements
  • Standard of care violations that may result in licensing board disciplinary actions which may restrict the healthcare provider's practice
  • Distribution of controlled substances and the management thereof
  • Sexual harassment problems in the practice
  • Doctor/patient boundary violations
  • Impaired and addicted physicians
  • Violence and harassment in the practice setting
  • Confidentiality violations

Practice Efficiency and Business/Clinic Organization:

  • Establishment of the standard for operating procedure at the medical practice
  • Establishment of a drug protocol to safeguard against drug diversion
  • Review and cross-checking of office billing
  • Review of medical ethics
  • Review accuracy and sufficiency of patient medical records

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