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The Importance of Physician Having Legal Counsel for Board Proceedings

Physicians often make the mistake of not recognizing the importance of retaining competent legal counsel in connection with addressing complaints filed against the Texas Medical Board or Board-related proceedings. It is important for a licensee to obtain experienced legal counsel as soon as the physician knows or has reason to believe that complaint may be filed with the Board. There is a strong possibility of conducting significant damage control by taking this important step early in the process. A licensee needs legal counsel who is experienced in handling matters before the Board. This is especially important given that the proceedings before the Board are highly specialized, are unique, are subject to special procedural requirements, and these proceedings demand objective analysis and special resources. Should the licensee failed to obtain proper legal counsel, the physician faces many pitfalls within the system that may increase the likelihood of the suspension or revocation of his or her license and damage to his or her professional reputation.

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