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Mind Your Manners to Avoid Malpractice Lawsuits

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New book from health law attorney helps physicians prevent costly litigation and protect their licenses by increasing patient satisfaction.
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AUSTIN, Texas, July 8, 2016 — In the medical profession, you don’t need to be at fault to become the target of a lawsuit or complaint regarding your license – only accused. That’s why the best strategy for protecting yourself and your career is to avoid legal action in the first place. With her new book, World’s Best Doctors: How Good Old-Fashioned Manners Improve Patient Satisfaction and Can Lower Litigation Risk, Victoria Soto, JD, provides a handbook to help doctors preserve their livelihoods by practicing the lost art of good manners.
New National Book Release From Expert Victoria Soto
A lawyer with unique experience on both sides of the courtroom – first as a medical board staff attorney, then defending healthcare professionals before licensing agencies for more than a decade – Soto says the manners you learned as a kid could save your career as a physician. In World’s Best Doctors, she reveals how doctors can incorporate good behavioral patterns to build even more successful careers, a skill that is often overlooked in the medical profession. By making a point to be kind and respectful while caring for patients, Soto says it’s possible to avoid negative feelings that might lead to litigation.
“How you behave today can absolutely affect your tomorrow,” says Soto in her new book. “The difference between [a doctor] having a complaint filed against their licenses and not having one filed often has nothing to do with how well they’ve practiced their craft. Often, it is simply how they acted as human beings in a particular situation.”
Whether fresh out of medical school or a seasoned physician, World’s Best Doctors provides valuable advice for avoiding high-stakes legal trouble doctors can’t afford to ignore. Soto draws on years of experience both prosecuting and defending medical professionals to offer unique insight on how to handle complaints, how to avoid complaints in the first place, and even how to improve patient care and satisfaction through a positive attitude.
“Of course, no one can entirely control the way other people react,” says Soto, “but there are many ways that you, as a physician, can position yourself so that it’s less likely that someone gets upset enough at you to want to cause you trouble.” 

World’s Best Doctors: How Good Old-Fashioned Manners Improve Patient Satisfaction and Can Lower Litigation Risk is available now at and other online retailers. 

Victoria Soto, JD, is lead counsel of the Law Office of Victoria Soto and concentrates her practice in defending physicians before the Texas Medical Board. Victoria was admitted to the Louisiana Bar in 1995 and the Texas Bar in 2001 and has been practicing for more than twenty years. Victoria speaks frequently to medical groups, healthcare institutions, and organizations regarding the practice of medicine and defending physicians’ licenses. She is not only a keynote speaker in the world of healthcare providers but a motivational and leadership keynote speaker at conferences and seminars as well. 

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