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TMB disciplines 39 physicians at November meeting, adopts rule changes

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Click here to see the original Texas Medical Board Press Release.


At its November 7, 2014 meeting, the Texas Medical Board disciplined 39 licensed physicians and issued two cease and desist orders. The disciplinary actions included seven orders related to quality of care violations, three orders related to unprofessional conduct, three revocations, five voluntary surrenders, two suspensions, one order related to criminal activity, three orders related to peer review actions, one order related to inappropriate prescribing, three orders related to violation of prior Board order, five orders related to violation of Board rules, one order related to Texas Physician Health Program violations, and five orders related to inadequate medical records.

The Board issued 200 physician licenses at the November meeting, bringing the total number of physician licenses issued in FY15 to 660.



163.7, Ten Year Rule

The Amendment to rule 163.7, relating to the Ten Year Rule, amends the rule to eliminate the requirement of current board certification and simply allows proof of passage of a written, monitored specialty certification examination from a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties or Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists, or by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by an applicant to satisfy the ten year rule without holding current board certification.


§183.4, Licensure

The Amendments to rule 183.4, relating to Licensure and the demonstrated ability of licensure applicants to communicate in English, amends 183.4(a)(8)(B)by adding an updated Test of English as Foreign language (TOEFFL) test score requirement for Internet Based Testing (iBT®), reflecting TOEFFL’s new test score scale, and deleting the outdated referenced to TOEFFL’s former test score scale. The amendment is made so that the TOEFFL test requirement correctly references TOEFFL’s current test score scale.

§183.11, Complaint Procedure Notification

The Amendments to rule 183.11, relating to Complaint Procedure Notification, amends the rule to correct an incorrect citation to Section 187 to the correct citation to Section 178 of this title relating to Complaint Procedure Notification. The amendment is made so that the citation in the rule is accurate and correct and consistent with Texas statutes.


§190.8, Violation Guidelines

The Amendment to rule 190.8, relating to Violations Guidelines, corrects the spelling of the term “meningococcal” in subsection (1)(L)(iii)(II)(d).


Click here to see the original Texas Medical Board Press Release.